18 December 2007

jesusland redux

after a fun coupla days in hong kong and macau, it's time to go home for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, and to help sissy with the new baby. if fate has you in one of these four great american cities, i hope you won't mind me loitering about your doorstep.


Judea Bschijotu said...

where are the pictures already???? jesusland redux needs to get on it with pics of krazy jesusland freaks (BD, et al) and crazy jesusland freaks (fred phelps, et al).

matt said...

ah, it's great to hear ms. bagina frothing nonsense again after enduring so long without her.

patience, my kitten. tomorrow i will rendezvous with agent k. debauchery to follow. and, don't worry, there will be plenty of scratches, hickeys and bruises to prove it!