15 February 2008

the last american hurrah

a bright future awaits him.

2 months in jesusland are finally over.

last night's symposium was fun. the audience was diverse and engaged, and it was nice to reacquaint myself with mixed issues, and to be reunited with a former coworker, board member and some mixed-issues colleagues from way back. boston is definitely a unique american city and the shockingly rude service personnel of the greater metropolitan area live up to their "massholes" moniker (that said, the doubletree guest suites off soldier's field road is amazing. a little piece of service perfection in what is typically hotel hell).

after a slightly bizarre late nite in boston's southend, this morning i woke up late and walked over the charles river to meet two half-white, future elected office holders. kelly and i ate a mediocre indian buffet lunch while catching up, and at harvard square's cafe algiers, i enjoyed hot cider, tea and fun conversation with mr. symposium planner rei and his sister. what followed was the realization that i had discovered the perfect gifts for college/america/english/status-obsessed koreans... and two hours later i emerged from the harvard gift shop, loaded with ivy-themed clothing but late for my flight.

in just a few hours, i'll be seoul-bound.

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