31 March 2008

an historic choice indeed

this lady is fierce.

towards the end of what was an 8 hour (!) tour of the seoul palace compound yesterday, i spotted this campaign poster in samcheong-dong, the historic seoul neighborhood directly east of gyeongbuk palace. among the area's stylish cafés and traditional-style hanok (한옥) homes is a poster for choi hyun-sook's bid for april 9th's parliamentary elections (earlier posts about her here and here).

to the left of her name and political party number it says: "an historic choice. lesbian candidate for national assembly". i'm sure she knows that she won't win, but choi is hoping to raise awareness of homo issues in conservative korea. such an awesome departure from typical komo behavior (re: "awesome," don't hate. i was raised on the west coast).

a moment of silence please. homegirl is my hero.

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Kimberly said...

It's too bad, really, that's she's #6- cause only #1, 2 or 3 have any real fighting chance. Even so, power to her for giving it a go anyhow!