08 March 2008

let the servants celebrate

yeongdeunggut, performed live.

today is meoseumnal (머슴날), one of korea's traditional lunar holidays. on day 1 of month 2, farmhands and other servants celebrate. typical rites include cleaning house, a coming of age ceremony, a fisherman's shaman rite called yeongdeunggut (영등굿), and eating rice cakes that are also popular during chuseok. no big surprise, but it's not a big deal here in seoul... fisherman, shamans and servants, aside.

i am sick = this post is lame.


Jonith said...

that's ok. feel better soon.

this has nothing to do with you post, but when you have a moment -- do you have a few favorite green shrubs/bushes native to the pac nw? can be deciduous too.

matt said...

a personal favorite is heavenly bamboo (nandina domestica). moderate grower, very tolerant of poor, dry soils and little care. compact grower but shrubs can get large-ish over time. best feature are the leaves which resemble bamboo leaves but turn all sorts of beautiful reds, oranges and yellows.

obviously hydrangeas (especially the lace leaf varieties) and lilacs are nice perennial shrubs that grow quickly and are well-suited to a pnw climate. the latter smell great, too.

camellias are an oft-overlooked member of the rhody family. i love their glossy, deep-green foliage and proper early season blooms. they just look nice year round.

a very quick ground cover (though it grows about 4 feet high) is the orchid rock rose. the plant creates a dense thorny thicket that explodes in typically dark pink with scarlet dotted paper-ish blossoms in the late summer and fall. in the winter the thorny naked stalks don't look so great.

ummm... mugho pines can be a fun way to mix it up a bit. not as corny as the pyramidalis stuff that's popular in the cookie cutter mcmansion developments.

leme know if you need anything more specific xo