07 March 2008

maroon 5

me with adam levine and jesse carmichael of maroon 5. why so glum? because i did a bad job interviewing.

despite having no previous broadcasting experience, because i can speak english i was hired as a freelancer at kbs. because i'm at kbs, when we want to interview fancy celebrities, the requests are usually granted.

earlier this evening i interviewed 2 members of the grammy-winning, rock-ish band maroon 5 prior to their one night-only concert in seoul. my preparation was inadequate. my questions were sorta lame. i was (still am) sick. i wasn't peppy. neither were they (tho kind). i blanked on one of their names... and the name of their first album... and ended the interview prematurely.

this means they probably won't let me interview céline dion in 2 weeks, huh?


Judith said...

convince them that you would do your hw ahead of celine's visit, and that you weren't into it w/ maroon 5 b/c they're kind of crappy and dull, too.

celine, on the other hand... you MUST interview celine. judith wants an autograph.

"ms. bjini -- all my love to you and yours. - celine"

matt said...

thanks for getting me clear on my priorities. i have it all planned out... xo

Alexis said...


I stumbled upon your blog and have found your posts to be sooo interesting.

I just had to comment on this particular post because I am a HUGE Maroon 5 fan and I thought it was hilarious! I have had the pleasure of meeting them in person and they really are kind.

I've noticed that you haven't posted anything new in a while. I'll be following your blog!

Los Angeles