05 May 2008

hi seoul's opening act

from behind the stage.

despite intermittent light rain, on sunday night gabriel and i checked out the opening night of the hi seoul festival's week-long series of outdoor events and dance parties. 2 pics and 3 vids for your pleasure:

1) between bands and b-boy battles were side events, like this korean cultural medley... he must be wearing special undies:

2) this man was amazing. i wouldn't dare make any assumptions about his sexual orientation:

3) he garners a partner and a "shy" youngster (kids these days!):

i need to buy her music.

the final act was insoonyi, the korean-black singer born and raised here. despite what was a difficult youth growing up mixed race in korea, she's well-loved and sang four of her biggest hits.


Brian said...

were the hi seoul festivities always this big?

matt said...

hello from a smokey pc bang outside the gwangju train station. um, it's my understanding that it's been getting bigger and this year is different because it's the first time there are 4 festivals in one year - one for each season. xo