04 May 2008

the world's biggest nightclub


this weekend, the hi seoul festival will get underway. after the manmindaerorak (만민대로락) or street parade, wraps up, seoul plaza will be transformed into what organizers are calling the world's biggest nightclub.

for eight consecutive nights, the area in front of city hall will become an outdoor dance venue. a main performance stage, called the "digital palace" will be complemented by an 18 meter-high, 60 meter-wide ceiling of colored lights. additionally, korea's largest "water curtain" (10 x 60 meters) will act as a media show screen during the evening concerts. koreans' penchant for public consumption of alcohol makes me hopeful.

choose your poison:

may 4 (sunday): opening festival dance to include a sarangpae team, a children's chorus, namsadang nori (tightrope walking) and b-boy groups along with your favorite singer and mine, the black/korean chanteuse insooni.
monday: hip hop
tuesday: dance party
wednesdsay: swing and jazz
thursday: trot medley (?)
friday: latin
saturday: rock
sunday: special closing featuring seoul chamber orchestra
i hope to see you there.


william (皓) said...

you don't know what trot is?

matt said...

i dunno. like "fox trot"?

william (皓) said...

트로트 is a genre of korean music...it's really old...according to wikipedia, it's the oldest form of korean pop music. you know 태진아? he sings in the genre. it came about because of the japanese invasion. as for the rules of trot music...i gots no clue, and neither does the bf.

Samuel said...

So who's your said favourite singer that's performing on Sunday?

matt said...

thanks for the info bill. your korean cultural acuity is unpredictable.

hi sammy. thanks for the question. the rock band (i don't know their name) was fun but i have a special affection for insoonyi.