02 May 2008

me and marlene

she liked this door.

earlier this week i had a 60-year-old canadian lesbian house guest. she contacted me through couchsurfing.com, and after all the generosity i received as a traveler during my 2006 asian walkabout, i still need to repay the karma kitty.

i prefer to not have house guests, but marlene was great. she was polite and pleasant. she knew what she wanted to see and do but was open to changes of plan. furthermore, it's not everyday that a late 20s, gay half-koko and a big, white and senior north american lesbian have a 2-night slumber party, so the change of company was novel. sure, our fantasies of exchanging weathered wisdom for (late) 20-something vigor were both unrealized, but at least i got to see how much friendlier koreans are when you're walking around with an old white woman.


Judith said...

this post makes me so happy.

Imi said...

Ditto - i love that you had her as a house guest!

matt said...

i don't understand the reaction. you think it strange that i indulged in brief cohabitation with dear marlene? i'm bohemian, dammit!