26 May 2008

terrace update

a disappointing leaf to flower ratio. at least both are edible.

the past week seoul saw its first stretch of truly sweaty temps. i'm so scared of what's to come. but today i awoke to a gray, quiet, almost misty morning that feels sorta pacific northwest. the calm (granted it's just after 6 am) is also a nice contrast to the hustle that monday is supposed to represent... then again, my lite work schedule has me affectionately calling monday my second sunday. but when i do go to work, my colleagues think me strange for fawning over overcast days. when you grow up in seattle, you either love rain or develop SAD (seasonal affective disorder) after 8 months of it.

it's quite possible that nobody cares, but spring has been wonderful for my terrace garden. after bringing seeds over from my holiday trip to the usa and hatching them on my apartment floor, lots of sun and water (thanks to my new shower/hose contraption), has my planters filled to the brim... overfloweth, actually. i need to hop on down to the hole-in-the-wall hardware store where they always seem unhappy to see me to reinforce my bins and grab some nails and wire/string so my sweet peas and nasturshims have some direction. re: the latter, they are growing several inches per day. it's scary.

with at least 5 more months of growing to go, where will it all go?

their robust health is a welcome change from last year's lack-luster performance. i have been crushing egg shells and pilfering starbucks' free bags of coffee grounds (good sources of calcium and nitrogen). my dad also mailed me some miracle grow fertilizer contraband 2 months back. the upshot has been happy, but very very green plants. while i knew that nasturshims and cosmos do ok underwatered in shitty, dry soils, i didn't realize they actually prefer it. yesterday i read that if you fertilize nasturshims too much, they just grow tons of leaves and don't bloom. touché.


Jonith said...

but their leaves are so pretty! everything is looking gorgeous. very mature compositions. very martha. interested in seeing the sweetpeas beds when they're in bloom.

jho said...

lordy, so much to catch up on. this round 2 bloggo is chock-full of OCD madness! oh, how i wish both you and jonith could come and pamper my planters for a week. my herb and veggie growing experiment is starting to go awry... the cucumbers simply died from the heat and the cilantro and thyme didn't fair too well either. however! my tomatoes are turning into a jungle and starting to grow little green nubbies. oh my wittle babies!

matt said...

wow, i'm touched by your generous comments and for not making light of my green green and more green color scheme... everything i write seems to be rhymes and alliteration today... anyhow, will report on sweetpeas. that reminds me, need to go grab some string and screws today.

jho: it's been too long. i love the idea that you're a plant killer. i'm hearing the yelps, the thrown up hands, the facial expressions and then the forgetting to water for another week but still wondering what's awry.

it's so nice to have your comments on the same page. xoxo

Imi said...

I love the green! Your balcony is like a jungle. Now I want to see a photo shoot with you and your mankubs amongst the jungle. Loin cloths, hair messy from the chase, and guyliner smeared up and down your faces.....

matt said...

yes ma'am. i shall obey... tho i actually desire punishment for betraying your explicit instructions. what next?