28 May 2008

yay gay! i'm hosting a house party and you're invited

it's party time (click for larger).

this weekend is seoul's approximation of an annual pride festival. in-between the 9th annual korea queer culture festival and the queer scandal party at reball, come to my house and bring your friends!

yay gay: the 1st annual northeast asia homo expo
saturday, may 31
19:30 until 23:00

lemme know if you need directions.

(if you're confused, the "homo expo" thing is a joke. geesh.)


o said...

Drat! Why couldn't this have been last year when I was so close? Sadly, the 7000 mile commute this year makes it difficult. I hope you have a great time though. . . Give Hong Seok-cheon a kiss for me (i'm not the bald one).

Jonith said...

Yay gay! That should be fun! Judy says she'd love to make a cameo, but unfortunately doesn't have the time to fly to Asia. Maybe a future symposium will get her off her ass. Or a new masthead.

matt said...

hi o. ya, 7,000 miles for a house party seems excessive... but i did purchase some rainbow colored christmas lights to wrap around the terrace for camp effect... let me know if you reconsider.

william (皓) said...

sorry. can't make it. in another city. have fun though! happy pride. (the image for this post won't enlarge, but i could be mistaken)

matt said...

whatever. judy's got more cash than all of us put together... something about "the rubber boom" in east altsverdania or something.

we both know the real reason she isn't coming is that there's a special someone who's recently come into her life. by the way, please describe how she behaves when smitten. i've having trouble zeroing in on it. xo

matt said...

oh billy,
it comforts me how satisfied you are to stay in daegu with the mr. xo

Jonith said...

As well-traveled and richly lived as Judy is, she has the emotional maturity of a seven year-old, so smitten kitten behavior is very schoolyard. Mean and needling.