25 June 2008

10 hours, 81 km, 2 meals... virtually nothing else.

an itinerary i don't endorse, a path i don't suggest (click for larger).

yesterday was an exercise in inefficient use of time. 10 hours wandering with just two accomplishments: breakfast and lunch.

at 8:45 am, three of us depart edae for breakfast in hongdae. instead, we hop on a bus, which wraps around the block back to where we started (an ominous sign in retrospect) and onward to cheongdam-dong for yummy butterfinger pancakes.
(location: seodaemun-gu, daehyun-dong)

very yummy french toast, 2 sunnyside up eggs, bacon, sausage, herbed potatoes and a strangely excellent latté are soiled by a religious message printed on the inside of my mug.
(location: gangnam-gu, cheongdam-dong)

onward to the express bus terminal where person #1 departs. person #2 and #3 zigzag until bearings are gathered and an exploration of seoul's "french town" (sorae village) ensues.
(location: seocho-gu, banpo 4-dong)

we walk the mean streets of western seocho-gu under a hot sun. the neighborhoods are remarkably uninspiring, as heat and malaise overcome us.
(location: seocho-gu, bangbae-dong)

increasingly parched and confused, we head all the way to yeouido for spicy ramen soup and tuna gimbap. it's yummy.
(location: yeongdeungpo-gu, yeouido-dong)

home is close, but by this point we are batty and elect to retrace our bus steps in search of a movie. three theaters entered and exited. mission failure. persons #2 and #3 abandon the hope of a successful conclusion and go their respective ways. person #3 goes the wrong way on the subway, adding another 12 minutes to the final commute.
(location: gangnam-gu, yeoksam-dong)
total distance traveled: 81 km (50 mi)
total duration: 10 hours

all said, accomplishing so little over so much time would have been made much less pleasant had it not been for my intrepid colleague. thanks person #2!


Brian said...

what did you think of seorae maeul? there's this restauran there called shy bana that i really like. i guess it's supposed to be "southern comfort food." but their fried chicken, mac and cheese and meatloaf are pretty good :)

matt said...

good lawd that sounds delicious. i'll need to revisit since i didn't see it.

ya know, like a lot of the places in my beloved seoul, the "frenchy-ness" was pretty half-assed. but also much like so much of seoul, there's big potential.

i wish the city would give incentives for french restaurants, cafes, etc. to set up shop on seorae-gil. the french school there definitely has a big presence and i saw/heard lots of white, korean and mixed frenchies! there are also a number of very nice-looking orange-tiled homes in the area (french... or spanish?) but anyhow, potential is good. current execution isn't terribly impressive.