26 June 2008

discovering korea #9: wolchulsan (월출산)

a delightful climb one hour south of gwangju, in south jeolla province.

transcript from my kbs world radio show, discovering korea.

from baekdu mountain on north korea’s border with china to mount halla on jeju island, korea is home to thousands of magnificent peaks. for the final installment of our three-part series of the peninsula's highest places, we head to its smallest national park, wolchul mountain national park in south jeolla province (read it here).


o said...

That 30 minutes from downtown Seoul blurb is, well, not quite right. Or, you've developed some kick ass levitron distance surmounter that you really need to make this post about.

matt said...


which blurb?

o said...

Maybe I only see it on my version(?). But under the picture of wolchul-san, there is a caption that says, "a nice climb and magnificent view just 30 minutes from downtown seoul." Maybe it was a leftover caption from another picture.

matt said...

whoops. looks like a forgot to update the copy and paste job from a prior show. thanks for the heads up!

o said...

hehehehe. Thing is, now it says minutes from downtown Busan ;) Beautiful as Wolchul-san is, it ain't minutes from anywhere big. About 1 hour-ish from Gwangju, right?

matt said...

wow, ain't i a hot mess. it's because the next destination korea is beomeosa, which IS just minutes from downtown busan. geesh, good thing i have a fact checker^^