01 June 2008

discovering korea #6: ddangkkeut (땅끝): the end of the earth

drying seaweed, fish, scary ferries and a large, rodent-shaped observatory.

transcript from my kbs world radio show, discovering korea.

this week, the last stop of our three-part exploration of south jeolla province takes us to the southernmost tip of the korean peninsula (read it here).


dater x said...

hey matt,
this is xtina from seattle. i wanted to say hello. i was just thinking of you and how things are going for you in korea. hopefully if i go there this summer again, we can hang. :)

Judith K Bjini said...

Hi Matt,

This is Judy from Djvornikzak, Retszhivia. I hope you're doing well. From the looks of it, and as your once-per-week posting would suggest, you're have a great time in Korea! In terms of blogging and keeping bloggers pleased, it leaves a bit to be desired, but it's good to know that you're so happy there living between the two craziest nations on Earth.

Hopefully we can hang out again this summer!

Cheers man,

Judy Bjini

matt said...

i'm shocked and honored that ms bugine has finally started calling herself "judy". it's a necessary step on the pathway of good ole american assimilation, ma dear! xo

matt said...

hey thur xtina.
have we met before? your photo makes face recollection difficult. i've got a terrible memory. but it don't matter. whether we're bosom friends from way back or just blog buddies, do let me know if you're back this summer. xo