31 May 2008

hwangsa hits

the korea meterological administration's tracking monitor goes haywire in yesterday's yellow dust storm. turns out it's the year's worst to date.

i just read last week that 2008 had been lite on the yellow dust storms, or hwangsa (황사). i was beginning to think that seoul would escape anything severe this spring, but yesterday be nasty. around noon i looked out my window to see an unusually thick haze of yellow smog creeping over my neighborhood. and after a few minutes of walking in it, i was introduced to the coughing fit-running nose response to dust settling into my orifices. yuck. i need me one of those masks.

anyhow, i don't know what it means that this is the latest in the year a storm has hit korea since the korean meterological administration started tracking them in 1978, but anyhow... it better clear up cause i got a party to host!

condolences to bill and everyone else down in the southern provinces. the yuck is coming your way today (an earlier intro to hwangsa here).


william (皓) said...

i don't think we got hit nearly as hard as yall did. i didn't even know about it until i read your post. but i'm from houston, so i'm used to the yellow smoggy sky.

matt said...

hola javier. the next time we're randomly meeting in daegu, remind me to tell you about my first and only (and uber awkward) houston experience. it involves a taiwanese-american pop star wannabe and lots of unwelcome dry humping... and miles and miles of flat asphalt, of course. xo