13 July 2008

big rain and manplan progress (of a kind)

if ye ask He shall provide.

i complained about the lack of rain so jangma (the monsoons) responded last night with a spectacular deluge. perhaps this korean weather phenomenon respects that i come from a hometown well-known for rain (seattle). one friend suggested jangma has performance anxiety. (beyond the fact that weather isn't typically intimidated) this is unlikely since my town specializes in drizzle, not real rain.

so, after an early birthday shindig for my friend abby (more on that later), hoon and i had the strange idea of walking from the hookah joint (that's not a creative spelling for a prostitute) to the han river with no convenient route available. in what could only be described at times as a biblical downpour, we were quickly rendered head-to-toe wet. our wet walk's soundtrack was mariah, rihanna and clazziquai (gay!) on a shared ipod while under one or two umbrellas -brellas -brellas, just in case the rumors of korean acid rain causing baldness are true.

a coupla hours later we reached our destination, a particularly attractive stretch of riverside park near banpo in seocho-gu. it was the rainy wee hours of a sunday morning, so i was surprised to see a few older couples walking the path with us, but less surprised to see a parking lot chock full of young things' flings in progress. during an unusual let up in the rain we made our own naughty alongside a dead, floating carp. ominous messages, or more proof that jesus loves homos? please vote.


Jonith said...

judith wants a picture of hoon.

jesus loves homos.

Marisa said...

The sweet baby Jesus loves homos. Who is this Hoon and when are you going to post a picture.

Imi said...

Obviously jesus loves homos!!

and yes, pic please, and why have we not heard of hoon before?

matt said...

mariska hargatay! how's croatia!?

post to come shortly. thanks for asking.

matt said...

official ballot results:

homos: 3
haters: 0

Colin said...

a truly epic story - we deserve more! :P

matt said...

dammit, colin, you DO deserve more!

stand by!