14 July 2008

snapshot #11: sunset on the cheonggyecheon

a pretty sunset on the jongno neighborhood stretch of the cheonggyecheon (click for larger).

as if you couldn't tell, i haven't been feeling particularly motivated to post of late... and when i do, it's kinda been garbage. sorry. hopefully a change of diet, a 10-degree temperature drop or one of my weekly electroshock treatments, might help. thanks for your patience.


william (皓) said...

tris and i will be in seoul friday night. are you available to hang out saturday? anytime is fine; our schedule's wide open. oh, and she may be expecting you to show us 'cool stuff.' her words, not mine.

we're crashing at her friend's apt (thank you for the offer, though). he's out of town and gave her the keys.



matt said...

sorry for the delay. saturday is good. how bout we meet at my place around 7:30 for drinks and whatnot then onwards for dinner?

re: "cool stuff", please complete the following survey:

1) i want to spend saturday night seeing/doing:
a) cultural stuff
b) touristy highlight crap
c) quirky shiz

2) i find hongdae:
a) corny and trying too hard
b) funky and fun
c) both

3) itaewon is:
a) a disaster
b) fun if i'm shitfaced drunk
c) both

4) the cheonggyecheon is:
a) a waste of perfectly good tap water
b) a visit-worthy urban renewal project
c) the last good thing 2MB accomplished

please answer with caution as your feedback will form the basis of your itinerary. thanks! xo

william (皓) said...

you and your surveys.

1) c
2) a
3) c
4) b

will your boy be there? don't be afraid to gay it up.


william (皓) said...

also: tris and i don't drink. she's been sober for over a month now and i get completely red (not cute). we'll gladly watch you drink, though. and to see your place.


matt said...

whoa. the non drinking bit has me back to the drawing board.

mankub has other obligations but he may make an appearance.

i know gay. i do gay.