01 July 2008

discovering korea #10: beomeo temple (범어사) and geumjeong fortress (금정산성)

ancient temples and an old fortress trail, just minutes from busy busan.

transcript from my kbs world radio show, discovering korea.

summertime in korea often means heading to the very popular haeundae beach off the port city of busan. but if sitting elbow to elbow with 200,000 other beach goers doesn’t sound like your kind of summer ritual, check out lovely beomeo temple and nearby geungjeong fortress (read it here).

also, english service received a nice listener comment made all the more nice since i've become skeptical that anyone listens to any of kbs world's expensive programming. (yes, this is the first and only complimentary e-mail my program has received to date!)

Greetings KBS Friends,

We don't have "Monsoon Season" here in Maryland, but it is officially summer now, so "happy summer" to you all in Seoul! I'm writing with a couple of comments and questions. First off, my compliments to Matt Kelley on his "Discovering Korea" segment. I've been particularly enjoying his series on Korea's mountains. I'm an avid hiker (as it sounds like many in Korea are) and his descriptions and photos of the locations make me want to take to the trails of Korea's parks. The maps showing the location of Matt's "tour spots" are also very helpful. I don't know if or when I'll have an opportunity to visit those locations, but I'm enjoying being a "virtual tourist" along with Matt. By the way, I was wondering if Korea has a National Park Service (or the equivalent) with information on Korea's parks in English...

-Jeff from Maryland
he loves my maps!!


william (皓) said...

oh, please don't pretend like you've never slept with jeff from maryland.

matt said...

ya but back then i think he was jeff from virginia.