02 July 2008

holiday recap, part 4: random pics of amurrrica cause jonith and bdkymm like them

a little bit of korea in chicago. my people are everywhere.

several hours later i was having another one of those mornings when you ask yourself, "what the hell just happened?".

a lovely reminder of some of the wonderful folks i met back in my mavin days. delicious bfast at café macrina with carol in seattle's belltown.

there's remarkable physical variation in the human family. case in point: my godson and gender bender bdkymm. ya, she short, but he's just so big.


Jonith said...

bd and i spoke about this. totally different species, these two are.

the really sad thing is that i knew that was the waterfront red robin behind them.

matt said...

why is that sad? embrace your wt self. xo

Imi said...

Ooooh Carol and GentleGiant3000!

Imi said...

btw, i look like i have to shi shi in this pic! and can i please mention that I'm holding the post card of matt's friend that I thought was a drag queen but she really is a middle aged koko woman? I meant to post the pic on Happy Hour but like so many many things, I've not gotten to it yet. bad blogger! bad!!