07 July 2008

discovering korea #11: incheon: gateway to northeast asia

crazy and delicious junkfood... oh, and a huge port city, urban planning megaprojects, korea's oldest chinatown, etc. await you here!

transcript from my kbs world radio show, discovering korea.

today we hop on seoul metro and go west to the port city of incheon: the city that's striving to be the gateway to northeast asia (read it here).


william (皓) said...

your link for incheon is wack, yo.

also, are you gonna be in town aug 18, 19, 20? tristan and i are going up to seoul for some food and fun. care to join us?


william (皓) said...

i meant july 18-20. i need a vacay.

Brian said...

i was about to say that your link keeps directing me to beomoo temple but i think william said it much more eloquently.

and man, do i miss those corndog with fries things

matt said...

whoops. thanks for the alert. my kbs internet team buddies seem to be a little tardy. please stand by.

and, yes ole bill, i'll be here. leme know if you and/or the missus need accommodations. xo

matt said...

link's been fixed. but the internet team decided against using my hot dog pic. they hate me!

jung wei said...

you're still looking good as the year before:) come down to san diego sometime

matt said...

hey jung wei,

thanks a lot and hope we can do a reunion sometime soon! i'm glad you're enjoying your time in the states. xo