04 July 2008

happy birthday to the united states of america!

happy birthday!

my fellow americans:

since i'm feeling lazy and have to take off in just a coupla hours for a weekend trip east to gangwon-do, here's a little montage to my fatherland on its birthday. if you do a google image search for "america", these images pop up on page 1.

i think jesus people, super heroes, mickey mouse, mexicans, soldiers and overwrought media sum the usa up pretty well. on that note, replace "america" in your google search field with "united states" and all you get on page 1 are maps and flags. i guess our name claiming the entire western hemisphere generates a more emotional response.

so maybe i've never known what it's like to live or travel abroad at a time when the majority of the world doesn't hate america... but it's ok, i'm still proud of my country and feel good about it on its birthday... but while i think american travelers who sew canadian flags on their backpacks are super lame, i'm also glad that i living in korea.

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