11 August 2008

olympics day 3: please respect our privacy during this difficult time.

dear kiki: daddy misses you!

oh my god. he killed my boyfriend!

the azerbaijani brute threw my wang ki-chun down by ippon almost before their bout began. i looked away, and when i turned back, mancandy was flat on his back! we've kept "us" a secret for a while, but now he needs me, and i can't really be there for him if we keep our love a secret. anyhow, when he comes home, we'll take a nice warm bath and then i'll let him flip me silly and have his way. i discovered long ago that's how we both win.

anyhow, silver for soko in the 73-kg judo competition. in mourning, here are some nice pics of kiki in and out of the office (yes, i'm the photographer!).

in civilian wear (i told him not to wear that tie... given our 9-year age difference, he tries to assert his power in the weirdest ways!).

look who's best friends with jang jang jang mi-ran! wait... are they getting married?

another day at the bus stop. oh wait, that last one just slipped in from my korean soft porn collection. sorry.


Marisa said...

He kinda looks like a muscley, rippled, 100% Koko version of you.

matt said...

haha. so, in other words, we don't look alike, eh?
do you root for china, mariska? xo