11 August 2008

olympics day 3: half-time report: more archery gold and judo/fencing/handball advances...


today it was the dudes' turn in the team archery event. and tho they didn't dominate like their sister sorceresses did yesterday, they also won team gold by beating italy in a close final: 227-225. it was fun watching the nunas (big sisters) root for their little brothers in the final.

a momento for home.

park kyung-mo, im dong-hyun and lee chang-hwan are ranked 4-8-10 individually, so it's unclear if they'll bring home more medals during the individual contests on friday. the good witches? ranked 1-2-3, baby! i'm really looking forward to watching them sweep up on thursday.

aw, i think they're quite a cute trio.

apparently the audience sportsmanship training given to the chinese fans prior to the games didn't take root (i'm shocked!). fools were heckling and hollering to try and make our boys mess up. no such luck! for their part, tv coverage showed italian fans' bemused response to the passion of the korean audience. the cutest part was when park kyung-mo ran to fetch the target as a momento of their win!

i love her victory screams.

in other news, nam hyun-hee, who is ranked #4, advanced to the quarters where she conquered her japanese opponent (15-10). if she beats an italian in the semis, she'll spar for the gold in the women's individual foil event tonight!

hot hot hot!

20-year-old world champion jukoda hotstuff, wang ki-chun, advances into the finals for the 73-kg judo class after beating a sexy brazilian in the quarters and a kazak in the semis. the match is scheduled for later tonight!

finally, in women's handball, soko routed dogil (germany) 30-20 in its second preliminary match. hong jeong-ho scored 6 goals during the match, finding the net on 75% of her attempts. the soko ladies are the second in all-time handball medals and took silver in athens. they have three more prelim matches against sweden, brazil and hungary before the quarterfinals begin next week.

it's so fun to be able to watch the event live. from the bkgnd of my pics, can you tell it's a rainy day today?

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