12 August 2008

olympics day 4: jang watch!

the gaze of a champion!

no real news to report on jang jang jang mi ran today except that i still love her and i love the love she is spreading around the world. why do you love her? please explain. thank you.


Jonith said...

she takes me to a place in the universe where every thing i know of physical beauty, strength, energy and love is completely irrelevant and erased from my mind. and in its place, i'm fed the real stuff that tastes 10,000 times more delicious.

matt said...

you, my dear, are horrible, but very funny. i think you'll enjoy some jang jang trivia i have lined up for tomorrow! xo

Jonith said...

why is no one else commenting on jang jang?

do only judy and mag receive her frequency?