12 August 2008

olympics day 4a: jin goes gold! marine boy nabs silver!

great work, baby face!

sure, the american wunderbrute got the gold and a new world record. but the pride of soko, marine boy himself won second best with a time of 1:44:85 in the 200-meter freestyle. he special.

i love the hand-over-mouth.

my new crush is jin jong-oh, who looked sincerely surprised when he realized he won gold in the men's 50-meter pistol competition. he seemed to mouth "who, me?" when someone congratulated him. jin narrowly beat his norko brother by just .2 points. it's korea's first olympic shooting gold in 16 years. on sunday, jin took silver in the 10-meter event. he's so chill and cute. i just wish he'd ditch that beard of his... his wife, i mean (joke. they seem very happy together).

- - - intermission - - -
guess what? i had to go to work today! i know, right? for a whopping 2.5 hours, i was away from my computer, tv and camera. let's hope that doesn't happen again.

soko's next gold?

onto the mat, where 55-kg (121 lbs), greco-roman singlet-sporting park eun-cheol beat a dane and then an american named "mango" in the quarters, but lost to a ruskie in the semis 2-9. me thinks he'll meet an armenian in the bronze medal match-up at 6 pm tonight. in response to my obligatory hotness question, park ain't too shabby, but the body proportions that occur when a super-muscled dude weighs just 55 kgs are kinda scary in a mini-me type of way.

the big disappointment is that jung ji-hyun went out in the quarterfinals after losing his 3-round bout against a feisty kazak. jung, the gold medal winner in athens, was expected to repeat here.

winning is sexy.

after a grueling bout with a handsome portuguese dude, kim "tic-tac nipples" jae-bum won his preliminary contest in the 81 kg (178 lbs) approaching bonafide koko beefcake judo division. after 2 mins in the golden time, or whatever it is. beyond flipping, i still have no idea how points are granted in judo. in any case, the medals will be awarded around 8 pm tonight. i've never been one of those weirdos who worship silver dollar-sized nipples, but at least at least aspirin-sized, please! if we start dating, i'll try to focus on some other aspects of his otherwise accomplished physique.

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