13 August 2008

olympics day 5: just one shiny thang (at least it's gold)

nice work, cutie!

a fairly quiet day for soko on the medals front. off the top of my head, the men's football team was won't advance into the next round, there were some early table tennis victories and some good news was had on the hockey field and handball court.

in weightlifting, cute sa jae-hyouk won gold in the men's 77-kg (170 lbs) event. sure, he had a lower "snatch" score than li hongli of china, but his "clean and jerk" score was higher and he weighs 3 kgs less.

mr. kim looks like a pouting action doll, eh?

unfortunately, fellow soko kim kwang-hoon nabbed a medal-less fourth place.

i'd like a medal sweep for both genders, thanks!

all three of korea's archery mankubs have advanced to the quarterfinals after winning their individual 1/64 and 1/32 rounds today. lee chang-hwan, aka "hat man" beat his chinese competitor in the 1/32 by four points. his nearly perfect 117 out of 120 score set a 12-arrow olympic record. sexy park kyung-mo destroyed his brazilian 1/32 opponent 116-99 and im dong-hyun beat a qatari in his 1/32 elimination, 108-103. the next round matches begin 11:30 on friday.

in ladies' badminton, lee kyung-won and lee hyo-jung beat japan in just two sets and will face one of two chinese teams in the gold medal final on friday. on the men's side, lee jaejin and hwang ji-man also beat a japanese team to advance into the semi-finals.

you know what time it is. medal standings at the conclusion of day 5:
my my, it looks like the krauts are picking up golds left and right...


Jonith said...

yeah but only in very krauty events that no one cares about -- equestrian, white-water rafting and fencing. still, i suppose a gold's a gold.

matt said...

well, i was never one to love watching archery and judo, prior to these olympics. i think it's funny that whitewater rafting is an olympic sport. not that it's any less worthy than jumping around with a pink ball or ribbon, or the new olympic event, hiking, but ya know. xo