13 August 2008

olympics: outfit olympiad, part 2

i'm back for day 2. very low on cleverness today but broadcast garb must be chronicled!

do you think they'll notice we didn't go home last night?

team: kbs2
result: disqualified!
comments: hmmm... looks familiar... cause it's they're the same damn suits you wore yesterday! did you sleep under your desks last night? pink was surprising and wonderful yesterday. that's why you got the gold. two days in a row is unacceptable. you lose.

you hate each other.

team: kbs1
result: bronze medal
comments: you poor, sorry, unhappy people. two days and two bronzes. a) what's with korean guys and vests? anyhow, it's an improvement on yesterday but y'all still look like the least fun duo, hands down.

i wonder if he has matching pants.

team: sbs
result: silver medal
comments: thank goodness these cuties replaced the "shame of korea" that disqualified sbs yesterday. there's a fine line between fun pastels and an easter egg hunt with willy wonka. but, dammit, it's the olympics, so i'm appreciating the effort. he's adorable.

still the hottest pair. yummy.

team: mbc
result: gold medal!
comments: well, well... looking good, aren't we? nice work taming that hot red with conservative dark suits since there's like, wars going on and stuff. but on the home front, mamasan in charge! during their office sex (which we uncovered yesterday), he keeps up, but clearly she's giving orders. the ridiculously large station logos add a special tackiness that me likey. although i think heads should generally be longer than they are wide (sir), you win.


Jonith said...

for me, the contest would be more about which pair i would go bi for.

1) the guy has to be good-looking enough to make it all worth eating a little puss for.

2) the girl has to look like she won't get too involved or clingy once she's had her turn.

the green team wins hands down.

matt said...

that's an excellent criteria, and using it i'd have to agree. but what about the pink duo? i know he kinda ugly, but i'm telling you, lots of charisma and i know you like dem tall mens. plus, she's hot. xo

Jonith said...

i can sorta see what you mean about pink -- not a great shot of him -- and she's totally hot. but she would expect more attention, too.

the worst group would be navy blue/red. the guy would be a passive bottom, would come too fast, and then i would end up having to do more with koko dominatrix girl. and you know she would be. not fun.