11 August 2008

olympics: jang watch!

i LOVE this pic!

thanks to enthusiastic responses by both judy and bdkymm, now i know i'm not the only one infatuated with jang... jang... jang mi-ran!

with your active participation, i hereby initiate "jang watch!", a daily, jang mi-ran joy management exercise as we await papa jang's impending gold medal performance in beijing. my sources tell me that the women's 75+ kg (165+ lbs) competition is set for saturday at 7 am chiner-time. that means we only gots a bit more than 5 days for "jang watch" and to mobilize her international fan club.

secretary judy?
president kim jong kymm?

are you ready?

it says i love her. i admit it. i ate the watermelon last night. but i don't think she should be eating watermelons anyway. they just make you pee.

what can you do? for example, this morning i rolled out of bed and ate half a watermelon... in bedhead, no less. i took this photo. now, it's your turn. koko-flow love global attention. jang mi-ran needs our support!


Jonith said...

are you kidding me??? judy squealed at jang watch, but rushed out to work/school before she could say something rude.

i aint no koke, but i'm more invested in jang mi ran than any other athlete in the game. i sure hope they give her air time here -- there's gotta be some demand for south korean bd weightlifters somewhere in the german republik, yes?

Jonith said...

btw, i'm keeping my camera next to the germama tv, should they broadcast the hardbody goddess that is jangx3 as a part of the international jang watch effort.

matt said...

i want to hear judy squeal. let's hope. she was actually included on nbcolympics.com's typically all american all the time (does yao ming count?) athlete thumbnails. i think she'll take the world by storm. we should be happy we loved her first. oh, and yes, please do take germama pix! xo