09 September 2008

quick note... then more hiatus!

greetings, friends. no, dicky is still very much asleep. i thought he was dead but his groans suggest coma or hibernation. maybe he's a bear! anyhow, after a couple of glasses of homegrown sangria i recalled there's a blog of mine somewhere in dese parts. after a spontaneous review of my blog stats, it's not terribly motivating to find that blog traffic has remained static despite several weeks of null set posting. i guess random searches for "korean penis" and "donkey show" by frustrated middle easterners will happen regardless of timely updates. my solitary 30rock marathon is coming to an end. love stories kill me. so much on the man plan front i shudder to think. hasta! xo


Brian said...

come back....please?

matt said...

im back! and i just realized in this post i confused dicky the taiwanese with lucky the intern. curse the booze...

no, love the booze, curse the mind! xo