07 October 2008

i need travel questions

hey y'all. wow. 2 months without posts. who knew?

on another note, i'm pitching an expanded travel show for kbs world radio. it's all about traveling in korea. the expanded show would include a q+a section.

so, i'd be grateful if any of you have travel-related questions about korea that i could air on the show. better yet, if you could send me an audio clip of you asking it, that would be fun. plus, the strange brew that listens to us via shortwave radios and npr stations at 3 am could hear your pretty voice.

if you're so inclined:

1. state your name and location ("hello, i'm mary lee from mexico" or "i'm mary magdalena lee-morales from 562 rua des noches, tijuana, mexico" works, too)

2. state your question.

3. send me the mp3 file.

if the rigamarole is too much, an emailed question will work too.

for this you can be certain: you will be FAMOUS.

thanks for your help!


Особу said...

Hi Matt,
very nice blog:) i like the way you write, really :)
greetings from mongolia. I'm Osobu. i have a blog too, but unfortunately it's in mongolian :)
take care

matt said...

ahhhhh i really want to visit mongolia! thanks for saying hi^^

Особу said...

cool, give me shout if u come to mongolia :)
my email: osobuddha@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i miss you lots! :)
- from Hoon.

p.s. they allowed me to use the internet for 5 minutes!

matt said...

hey hoon-ssi,
miss u. but we left a chair at the shilla brunch open in symbolic tribute to our missing fourth puker. xo

Anonymous said...

i wish i was there... thank you for the tribute ;)
- hoon

Anonymous said...

hope your having a fun break! i miss you. lemme know what ur up to! :)

- Hoon

Anonymous said...

baby linda! i posted on your neglected blog (people in glass houses...)

when is your break? xo

ps its been so long i cant remember my own blog's user name and password as im stuck here in dallas fort worth intl airport. a teachable moment to be sure.

Anonymous said...

no wonder your typing your comment as anonymous hahaha. START WRITING YOUR BLOG!!! i miss reading it. my break is on the 15th-19th. so i hope to see you then! miss you lots. hope your having lots of fun. oh and just in case i can't go online on christmas day. merry christmas! ching! ching!