27 January 2009

exodus pix #1: paris

underneath the arc de triomphe.

paris was stop #1 on my exodus from oriental jesusland holiday travel retinue. per brian's request, some (not awesome) snapshots.

clichés can be pretty, too.

my friend's friend ky invited me to a recording of her arts program on france culture (radio).

the view from the 2nd level of the tour d'eiffel (click here for larger).

the korean cultural center was awfully disappointing.

some marbles in the tulieres, near the louvre.

gayville (marais). 

i like paris.


o said...

please delete this comment after the correction:
gayville (marias)----> Le Marais

o said...

:) I don't mean delete the gayville, it is indeed tres gay. Just the spelling issue...

Jonith said...

same as O: and not everything revolves around ms. carey, you know. the marais is one of the oldest, most historic neighborhoods of paris and is undeserving of this below-the-belt homonym. your subconscious needs to get a grip.

matt said...

thanks for the verbal lashes judy. la france aint spain and its gay hood isnt named after a quadroon. xo

ps: thanks for the spell check o.

thwany said...

these photos are amazing.

Brian said...

they're pretty damn awesome in my opinion. i am patiently waiting for the next set!

matt said...

hey brian and thwany. thanks! london is up next... xo