26 January 2009

the seollal ox

seollal is all about the deep fried vittles.

hey lovers,

by now you should know that koreans use two calendars, one that’s solar and the another that’s lunar. so while koko celebrated the near year on jan 1 with much of the rest of the world, today was day 1 for the year o' the ox.

samchon puts the final touches for the jaesa ceremony.

this special day is called seollal (설날), and it, along with chuseok (추석), are the two most important holidays. along with an estimated 28 million others, i made my way to the family's hometown in daegu to see the fam. per usual, lots of yummy food, and me straining to understand what's being said made for a pleasant time with family.

a quick pit stop on the way from daegu to seoul.

i couldn't land a train ticket back to seoul this afternoon so i bussed it. given snow forecasts and epic traffic, i was surprised the ride took only approx. 5 hours. anyhow, aloha. what follows are a few more blurry pix from the past 24 hours.

새해 복 많이 받으세요! (happy new year!)

g-cash still going strong after 93 years.

sumo skimming the top of the ddeokguk, the traditional seollal soup.

sumo and hyeong cooking up the jun.

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thwany said...

damn that food looks good. i haven't eaten a korean feast like that in ages.

Brian said...

your pictures just made me miss a good home cooked meal :(. looks like your grandmother is doing well!

matt said...

ya, i'm a jun freak. xo