03 April 2009

exodus pix #4: germama

cooler here than how it really looks!

it's so painful. the more i recall my european travels the more i'm glad i'm no longer there. but germany was a (the?) highlight. i appreciated berlin's grit, and essen's manfriends. enough already. pics to follow.

oh, one more thing. i wrote a post on the korean diaspora in berlin on my korean travel blog. see it hurr.

the cologne cathedral and i are in love. i haven't seen anything as impressive of late. i don't even like god!

the crazier than thou tascheles building 'n grounds is trying really really hard to make a statement.

the cool part about staying in a hostel that was formerly part of the north korean embassy is the snapshots of the dear leader in his jump suits and chanel shades. i'm way too old to be staying in hostels.

this day o' domestic bliss at jonstoph haus seemed more appropriate than snapshots taken moments after i arrived, parked my ass on their chair, and we finished off more than one bottle of chivas. i still have an 8 inch scar on my arm from what followed.


Jonith said...

i love that one would have no way of knowing that the dinner picture was not in asia. (and i'm sorry that the anise porkchops were so salty.)

purty pic of the dom -- the mist that morning made it really magnificent.

strange but true fact of the day: i'm falling out of love with berlin, and falling very much in love with essen and surroundings. took two years, but it's happening. have no idea why.

Marisa said...

So what followed that lead to said scar?

matt said...

very strange news indeed, ms. bjini. why the sudden essen affection? xo

matt said...

mwho (somehow i want that to say "meow").
actualy i don't know how the injury happened. we drank lots then went a-clubbin. i had shirt removal urges that thankfully weren't fulfilled. i went to the potty and came out bloody. i guess i just connected with something sharp 'round me wrist knuckle and then dragged it through my flesh until mid forearm with the anesthetic booze keeping me oblivious until everytang got bloody. the end.

matt said...

bz the waz i think it's hilarious that your plate is SPOTLESS clean. it's like you were on an air diet. xo

bee to the dee said...

i love your pics matty - so amazing! and domestic bliss...i love jonstoph - you captured them in their element. about to eat yummy food, at a kitchen table. although there arent nearly enough empty wine bottles on the table. ahhaha

jho said...

the siracha adds eye catching asian spice to german domestic bliss

Jonith said...

i think i just have spring fever. and essen is pretty beautiful in the spring. we'll see how this long this new love lasts.

Jonith said...

... and it looks like i'm about to take a bite too. what is going on?? funny.

bdk said...

Maggie - hi - where are you? and can we all see the pic of the 8 inch scar? usually we dont talk about scars that are that long...we talk about something else. is this Maggie code for something else?