27 March 2009

team kymm solidarity

members of team kymm's south korean chapter.

soko homo power for ms. body by bd kymm on her byg day. we're so excited for your new start!! love u.


Brian said...

haha love the fundies! american apparel?

matt said...

maybe. not telling. (they're getting old)

BD Kymm, Team Kymm said...

Thanks for the shout out on your blog! LOVE IT and LOVE you guys. that pic is about the cutest thing ever. Thanks for being in Team Kymm and rocking my world last Thursday and always. men in pink....more of that in my life please!

B to the D said...

I just relized "big" was spelled "byg" - ahhahaha

matt said...

what do you mean? it's always spelled that lyke that.