07 January 2009

no naps in 2009.

mmmm ox year!

me thinks it's time for lucky 'n co to wake up. after 4 months of napping, the kid must re-earn his keep.

for my part, i've been outside koko for the past six weeks, finding myself in a plane every 5-ish days and managing to miss a few of them. wrapping things up here in sunny turks and caicos islands is a nice tease before recommitting to the harsh winter of oriental jesusland (south korea).

and you? how have you spent your high holy days?

anyhow, thanks to the restrictions of mileage plan travel, tomorrow i fly from providenciales to nyc. 8 hours later i fly nyc to paris. a coupla hours post haste the papa haul to seoul. yes... i'm taking the long way back. but i'm ready to head on home. there's something quite nice about leaving a place when you need to leave and going back once you want to go back. and once back, i sense the leopard-print eye shades will be cast off and lucky will spew silly mush encore. thanks for your patience.



o said...

Missed you. 새해 복 많이 받으세용~~~~

Mr. Glenn said...

I've missed you too, which is odd as i've never met you! Anyway, happy holidays

matt said...

hi o and mr. glenn,
so sweet of you to say so. thanks for the encouragement. happy new year to you both. xo

Brian said...

finally!!!! safe travels back to seoul! i miss it already.

Jonith said...

You're posting again! I was just about to email you to ask if you were back in the Kokoflow, but decided to see if you had gotten Lucky out of bed. Needless to say, "Yay!"

matt said...

hey brian,
again... sad to have missed you but hope to get your trip recap soon! xo

matt said...

...and HMH Judy I: in the kokoflow, was in bed but not pleasure napping... travel-exhaustion sickness. life is hard. recovering... xo