17 March 2009

smoothies and menstruation go together

a really cool free gift.

it felt like spring today. and by that i mean it was warm and the sky was filled with horrible dust particles from china. but after seoul's siberian winter the mild weather felt like smoothies were in order. and smoothie king has this great promotion right now. buy a smoothie and get a free maxi pad! and it has wings! and since there we were two dudes together she gave us two free maxi pads. awesome! and is it just me or is it really gross to think about menstruation while drinking a smoothie? i love korea!


Sejin said...

Pass it to Jeju!!!
I'm posting photos on Facebook as Flickr has monthly limit to upload.
If you also has an account on Facebook, come and have a look; search it with my hotmail account.
Greetings to 의권, too!

Jonith said...

now that i think about it, you're much more the irish of asia.

1) jesusy
2) divided
3) underrated
4) whiskey
5) kim/park/cheong = murphy/kelly/o'brien

jeanny said...

That's just plain fantastic.

And I agree with Jonith, except I would think that it's Kim/Park/Lee? No? I'm biased, of course, since I'm a Lee.

matt said...

hi sejin, how long are u on jeju before bangkok? anyhow, im not on facebook. it's my one luddite indulgence. i'll pass your hellos to the king. xo

matt said...

wow judy, you nailed it. especially since (until very recently) the irish were on quite an economic upswing.

i can't believe i didn't mention st. pat's day. and my surname is kelley!

oh, and jeanny is right, those "cheongs" you mentioned really should be replaced by the lees. and while we're at it, lee should take second place as they outnumber the pak/parks. and good lawd please don't romanize korean 정 like chinee. we don't want any confusion. jung er jeong, please. xo

Judy said...

i think i saw that statistically it was lee, but i just thought cheong, excuse me - jeong, was so much more identifiably korean.

was also expecting a bitchy "no, IREland is the koREa of EURope."

matt said...

why are u trying to pawn your people's sTUpID cAPz ShiZ on the koko flo? xo

matt said...

.. and yes, clearly ireland must thank korea as its cultural big brother. thanks for the correction. xo

Brian said...

woohoo! an update! hope you're doing well! i hope you're wearing your mask to prevent the hwang sa!~

Anonymous said...


matt said...

hey brian,
nice hearing from you. fortunately the yellow nasty hasn't been to bad... yet.

oh, and jonith anonymous, i'm so embarrassed. what a cliché for a homo to misspell flow. i'm horrible! xo

Judy said...

That wasn't me. The world has more than one tight-ass y'know.

Tk said...

omg. i found your blog through your cs profile, and read this and laughed out loud for 5 minutes straight with tears in my eyes!

wow. i needed that laugh.

and koreans are just plain hilarious! i really do think they are some of the funniest and quirkiest people alive. or maybe it's bc i'm korean american, it tickles my funny bone.

i just had to say thanks.

i'm going to send this to my korean friend who love smoothie king. she's going to die.

matt said...

hola tk,
glad you liked it. you've inspired me to find more koko krazzy.