24 March 2009

she spots

well, now i know where i want to park.

as reported on today's edition of "seoul calling" on kbs with abby and matt, seoul city is creating 7,500 parking spots just fer tha girls. sure, they'll be close to elevators and be lit 24-hours for security's sake, but my favorite explanation is this quote from the korea times:

the spaces will be painted pink with emblems of women [arguable] in the center. the special parking lots will be longer and wider than normal parking spaces. [emphasis and commentary mine]
i assume they mean "slots" or "spots" not "lots." anyway, ummm... why? cause women can't drive? i haven't noticed any significant difference in driving talent by sex in korea. i have, however, realized that asians drive so much better in asia than they do in the usa. it must be the racism. 

in other transportation segregation by sex news, previous plans to introduce she-only subway cars came and went without me seeing any carriages sans men grinding against hapless females during rush hour. qu'est qui s'est passé? (sorry for the gratuitous french. in apology, please accept this tagalog, courtesy of google translate: ano ang nangyari?) given the grope stories i've heard about (mostly not in tagalog), i wonder where that idea went. maybe to the korea sparkling global hub where every other defunct idea goes.

anyhow, most korean drivers have a oneness with their always spotless vehicles (that are invariably either black, white or silver) than any generalized people matt's met to date. their maneuverability is awesome. sorry for the lack of coherence. xo


Jonith said...

they have these in germama too! called "frauenparkplätze" which christoph's brother always uses. says it's a form of discrimination, an unconstitutional PC-left policy, and him being a lawyer, can/will/has argue(d) that to anyone in the parking structure who may have beef with him parking in them.

RE: asians vs. asian american drivers -- is it racism? or a relativity phenomenon? that is, when you have no good examples, no one seems bad.

matt said...

actually it surprises me that the germans would have these, unless they were targeted at the pregnant.

i really do think they drive better here. xo