23 April 2009


"in mild" what? ... pain? shock? confusion that you try to solve this problem by posting it online? go to a vet asshole.

inspired per usual by mr. kristin st. hayden (it just sounds better) i decided to wear a maniacal smile at all times today. after all, life is good. but i was confronted by no less than three self-laughing crazies. so, like a dopamine-tapped flight attendant, four hours later daddy came home and needed juice.

it's a good story, but with my real daddy + wife visiting last week, i made a big ole batch of asian pear n' panapple sangria. well, the anticipated guests never made it to my apt. so it's been job 1 licking my red-stained tupperware tub clean. too bad the king isn't hear to reap the rewards of his invention: the booze-infused impaled strawberry.

tomorrow is 2 yrs in korea day!

i'm learning how to fly tomorrow as part of my big debut on a korean tv show. in the meantime, it's time to write about local trannies. xo

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Anonymous said...

you don't want to fly hungover and I don't want you to fly hungover, so take it easy! -kukukoko