27 May 2009

jumpin rope wit jesus

no rope talent

just back from another of my occidental jesusland tours. the ill-timed trip was made possible by a speaking invite, which was rescinded last minute in very poor form. anyhow, popular hops were made in chicago, seattle and tokyo with a special stop in los angeles to see mr. brian, half-chinee and jericho (the latter pleased jesus very much). actually, the lovely company during the california stop salvaged an otherwise ill-fated trip. oh well, not all homecomings are sweet.


Brian said...

i see that your homepage is up and running again :) sorry to hear your trip was a bust, but i'm glad i saw you stateside! i'll keep you posted on my trip to the motherland!

matt said...

oh it wasn't a total bust. and as mentioned, la was definitely the highlight. will return the favor with more maps come sept. xo