12 December 2009


he's older than me but hair covers wrinkles.

here's me awkward with my dog, big red.

actually, no. i'm at the hongdae puppy café with the king. but mark marsha's words, come january travels back from jesusland, it's puppy time!

i'm preparing the newspaper for patricia the rescue shitzoo as we speak!


Brian said...

finally some posts! hope you're doing well, matt!

matt said...

i'm actually about to have a panic attack, but you, whatever. how you is? coming to kotown soon? xo

Brian said...

*sigh* no seoul this winter. i'm moving into my new place! taking a break from packing, actually. you must come visit soon! i'm hoping to spend my summer in soko though. will keep you posted :)

matt said...

hey dude. sorry to hear that... but do keep me posted on your summer plans.

in other news, guess who took the king to that same goddamn bear bar with the super bottom ajussi master who never stops talking and drinks all your hard-days-pay beverage?

one-time mistake, shame on me, but two-time mistake? who takes the shame now?

Brian said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH oh jeez... THAT BAR!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAH..it's 2 in the morning here in LA and i'm literally laughing out loud. did the owner recognize you? i think i'm a bit late for merry xmas or "hanooka" but have a happy new year! miss ya!

matt said...

nah... i just realized my terrible mistake when his puppy dog sad face came over and reenacted the torment of months prior. happy new year, dude! xo