10 December 2009

snapshot #24: yangsuri (and jeolla thieves)

yangsuri: where two han rivers become one.

let's not talk about neglected blogs today. instead, let's talk about expensive cameras being stolen on the train from south jeolla province and slowly nodding one's head religious zealot-style when that thieving jeolla-man develops multiple sclerosis or a painful chronic pissing disease in karmic retribution.

shasta may no longer be with me, but iphoto has 16,305 snapshots by the entry-level nikon dslr that made daddy proud!

mother always told me not to trust jeolla people... (not really. it was prolly was one of them de-sensitized seoulites, anyhow.)


Adam W said...

That's a gorgeous photo.

Totally envious that you live somewhere you can see something that.

matt said...

thanks, dude. what you should be really envious about is camera lens filters that i don't know how to use that totally distort reality.

where do you live anyhow? mk

Adam W said...

Southern California.

Everything is kinda brown and/or burnt. The only gorgeous thing is the ocean, but it's beauty is clouded by the hordes of morbidly obese tourists.