08 December 2009

when people make maps lie

that's a mighty big park!

i think map lies are the worst kind of lies. do you agree?

in the top right of the satellite image is the southern reaches of nam mountain park, which rises out of the city's center and is perhaps the massive city's best known greenspace.

and yet, based on the naver (most popular koko search engine) map, it appears that there is a much larger park with dramatic mountain slopes to the southwest of namsan that are probably home to korean tigers and maybe even mountain cheetah. upon seeing this heretofore unfamiliar (and massive) park space in the middle of seoul, i was confused.

hath i know not my home?

now take a look at the google maps version. it appears that korean search engines can place a retractable park hat atop the entire yongsan military garrison to nature-camouflage sensitive installations from view by the crazzies to the north. because, you know... they don't have google in north korea...


Anonymous said...

Maggie is blogging again!

Agreed - map lies really are the worst. In all of our profound cynicism, we strangely never question the reality of maps. This has ruined that. It's a good fake too.

I'm listening to La Traviata on Youtube right now -- obsessed. Jonstoph was at the Opera in Cologne Sat night, and the Judith half reacted physically to Violetta's major solo. Tiny girl, astounding voice, huge empty set. Stunning. Please see this sometime.

matt said...

hey sister.
yup, blogging but not sure how long it'll last. it's not driven by anything in particular.

funny you should mention the power of old tunes. being forced to see phantom of the opera aside, i've been super drawn to classical music of late... even wish i had a lil piana here to bring back the ole days. anyhow, la traviata noted. should verdi come seoul side (much much stranger things happen daily) i'll make a priority of it! miss you. xo

Gary Norris said...

map lies are the worst; i have never checked out naver's maps. now i will. it's easy to forget we don't all use google.