29 January 2008

redux reschedule

jesusland redux has been extended.

in a blast from my past, i received an invitation to speak at a harvard law school symposium in a couple of weeks, which is nice. the thought, however, of three 20-hour journeys to seoul to boston and back to seoul in 2 weeks' time seemed like too much airtime. so, i'm staying in jesusville until the speaking gig concludes, at which point i will board asiana flight #221 bound for incheon international airport. at 5:10 am on friday, february 15th, i should be reconnected with mama korea after exactly 2 months away from soko. it will be a joyous reunion. i've missed her dearly.

psychologically i'd organized this vacance as an extended american holiday. now that 6 weeks has been extended to a full 2 months, my noggin is re-processing it as a bonafide break. curiously, since making the decision to stay, i've experienced a bevy of emotional and physical protests. the past few days i've felt melancholy, easily agitated, and my tum is experiencing a dull ache that back in the mavin days i used to call "stress tummy" (aka the early stages of an ulcer). since my life of late lacks stress, is it homesickness? it's been great being among family and friends, but i'm anxious to return to korea. this is despite the fact that i'm unsure if i still have a job at kbs, my korean is in total shambles, and there are several internet/phone/apt bill collectors who are unhappy with me. whine whine.

anyhow, per usual, leme know if our upcoming schedules dovetail. in the meantime, i'll work on boosting the seratonin so our encounter is more fun.

now -> 2/8 chicago
2/9 -> 2/11 seattle
2/12 -> 2/14 boston
2/15 ->>> seoul


corextacy said...

you are speaking at harvard!?! what will you be talking about?

matt said...

hey u. they're having a symposium about how the growing self-consciousness of mixed race people challenges civil rights law, policy and intra-group relations.

as i think i told you, my old job was mixed race national cheerleader, so harvard tracked me down. even tho i'll be on a panel with a whole bunch of academics, i'm looking forward to it!