28 March 2008

seoul walking tour

the royal asiatic society's korea branch (raskb) offers an impressive number of english-language tours and lectures in korea and elsewhere. last october i attended my first raskb event: a talk about early depictions of korea in western maps. yum. this past week i went to see mr. a lin neumann, chief editor of the joongang daily, discuss some of the challenges of integrating u.s. style journalism in a korean newsroom (isn't korea... amazing?!)

anyhow, on sunday i'll partake in my first raskb walking tour of seoul. i'll follow expert peter bartholomew as he explains the cultural and historical background of seoul palaces, joseon-dynasty landmarks and recently-excavated royal treasures. he'll explain the 600-year-old capital's layout and history. from my brief interactions with him thus far, he's a kind older american canadian (sorry) gentleman with a sincere affection for korean history and culture. it's from 9 am to 3:30 pm, only 15,000 won, and mr. bartholomew comes highly recommended.

let me know if you want to meet up!


Anonymous said...

I've never met a foreigner more knowledgeable about Korea or more full of honest love for the place. I envy you! Have a great time.

matt said...

i'm really looking forward to it. at the lecture he playfully scolded the koreans in the audience (in korean) for not being informed about seoul's history. grandpas are cool.