29 June 2008

a fond farewell

mr. kim will be missed.

over the past few weeks i've hosted three farewell parties for friends who are leaving korea. last night was hyochul's turn. later this week he'll make his way to australia for a master's program and his beau. he's lots of fun and the best drinker i've ever met, so the evening was a fun few hours among an intimate group of guys (all korean/korean-ish save 2) and one white chick from the midwest usa (hey, girl!).

after what was a fairly disastrous yay gay! party at the end of may, it was nice to enjoy having people in my home again. despite it being before 12 on a saturday night in a building filled mostly with young folk, i got yet another noise complaint. my friend hoon explained that the house party is a bit of a foreign concept to most koreans.

homo hijinx.

the party's success was due to 3 things: the guests' affection for hyochul, his excellent taste in friends, and some absurdly delicious sangria i cooked up the day prior. it was a huge improvement on my last attempt, which i can only think was thanks to the scotch. whisky makes everything better. so if a summer party plan is in your future, may i suggest the following:

mmm... fruit juice!

nice day's summer sangria


5 bottles of red wine (a spanish/latin american variety is a nice touch)
4 cups triple sec
6 shots scotch whiskey (or brandy)
peel and slice:
3 apples
3 oranges
2 lemons (squeeze 'em!)
2 asian pears (please don't call them japanese)
3 nectarines (invented by koreans, i might add)
4 kiwis
4 cups of frozen strawberries
...stir and then let it marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours to the fruit can become fully infused with the likker. 30 minutes prior to serving bring her out and add lots of ice. stir some more. garnish with a few edible nasturshim flowers to celebrate homosexuality. if your friends are lushes like mine are, a big bin should last 10 your guests about 3 hours, tops.

yup, we did.

maybe it's just cause we were drunk, but continually adding more red wine and whiskey throughout the night still tasted pretty good. i chock that up to how thoroughly the fruit was marinated. to stick with the spanish-ish theme, i think next time we'll try mojitos.

...and a few hours later at the every-saturday, 02:30 drag show at itaewon's trance:

that's me asking to be let up onto the stage.

have fun with your summer parties!


Brian said...

ahhh matt! it's refreshing to see pictures of you on the blog :) looking good! the word "whisky" makes me hurl. remind me to tell you about the night with koreatown's drink of choice, crown. *shudder*

matt said...

i didn't know crown was k-town's signature booze. makes the place all the more attractive. can't wait to hear about your mischief. hope it's a tawdry mess (and that you're feeling better, of course). xo

Imi said...

Your sangria was gorgeous!! I want to recreate that action. I'm so glad you had a good party :)

matt said...

hey babs, ain't it tho? and so delicious. and... given what i hear are 90-degree temps in seatown, me thinks you need sumting cool and refreshing up in north gay! xo

Jonith said...

this post gives me pepcid-ac cravings like you would not believe. and i don't even get the glow.

but yay for some people pics finally.

matt said...

strangely, no one seems aware of the pepcid fix... tho i've heard mixed results. anyhow, the info blackout is no doubt more evidence for how america hates aza. xo