28 June 2008

spoiled rotten

while i don't think i deserve it, i look forward to entering the world of dslr cameras.

since 2006, i've lost, broken or severely injured three pocket-sized digital cameras. the first was a hot orange metallic exilim model purchased for me (in part) by my former employer as a goodbye gift. i left that one in a singapore taxi in 2006. the next was a red next generation exilim (less hot color, more hot view screen). i sat on it too many times and broke it. my current nikon coolpix s500 has weathered a few cataclysmic falls (one of them just this morning!), tho its screen is also damaged thanks to me losing its case while running around macau... but for now anyway, it still works.

however, during the portland leg of my "teasing jesus" tour, i received an unexpected gift from my dad and his wife. on my way out, we stopped at costco and they bought me a new nikon d80 digital slr camera. damn near 30 years old, i think i'm too old for such gifts. but expensive tech presents in my advanced age seem to be the rule, lately. and anyhow, i'm looking forward to making some much-needed improvement on my photo composition and technique. dslr photographing is quite the rage in korea these days. seems like everyone is an amateur photographer. with the ante upped, it also seems like a good time to start a new tradition of taking better care of my cameras.

i'll post some inaugural shots soon!


Imi said...

Oh work the gifts hummy! That was really nice of them. And that camera looks like it is ALL BUSINESS. I can't wait to see what it can do. Ahem - remember your pledge to give more descriptions of your trysts with mankubs? Yeah, I want pics.

matt said...

hummy? is this "hunny + hummer", the latter of which i think is a cousin of rimming, right? wow, i'm getting old.

anyway, yup. i'm officially an old man with a camera! you've been so patient about man tryst pics. it's high time i walk my talk. stand by! xo

Amanda said...

Enjoy that camera, it's a really, really nice one.