12 August 2008

olympics: outfits of the 29th olympiad, part 1

while we await tonight's final scores, i'd like to alert you to another contest. beyond beijing's athletic competitions is a korean tv anchor outfit olympics. unlike back in the usa, one station didn't pay a bazillion dollars or a trazillion won to get exclusive rights to cover the games. this is a good thing for two reasons:

1) i can watch the anchors at kbs1, kbs2, mbc and sbs fashion-fight it out.

2) four stations makes it highly likely that park tae-hwan's gold medal swim is always being replayed... somewhere.
re: #1, today was the first day medals were given in the outfit olympics. the results were:

the shame of korea.

team: sbs
result: disqualified
comments: like inverted expected babies (huh?), he's pink, she's blue. she's crying because she's so upset. all those years of training and they didn't even get to compete!

trying too hard to impress the games' host nation.

team: kbs1
result: bronze medal
comments: oh my. this pauvre duo's fashion looks nerdy, red and uncool. in a word: "chinese".

today's silver may be tomorrow's scandal!

team: mbc
result: silver medal
comments: these two are adorable, but what's up with outfits, dudes. my fashion sense kinda sucks, but i think they look like members of competing ice dancing teams. c'mon folks, it's the summer olympics! but, they win silver because of their "i like working with you, but i like the heavy petting after work even better" look!

and, finally...

pretty in pink.

team: kbs2
result: gold medal
comments: i LOVE them. i see homedude at the kbs coffee shop every so often. we always make meaningful eye contact. he's kinda ug but charismatic. she's great in every way. their matching pink suits are phenomenal. they had his and hers white ones yesterday. a remarkable performance... they're unstoppable. competition? what competition?

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